Our know-how


Observation of the field

Our know-how is based mainly on observation of the terrain and constant exchanges with our winemaking partners.

Our agronomic expertise of the terroir, combined with the experience of our cooperators, helps us to choose the winemaking itineraries best suited to each situation.

Our expert winemakers and cellarmen vinify the grapes from each terroir, and even from each parcel, separately and according to protocols adapted to the situation of each vintage.

Observation, patience and pragmatism are our best allies in crafting our cuvées.


Respect for the vine

This know-how, inherited from our elders, is always practiced with respect for the product, the efforts of our associates and the expectations of our customers. For example, we bottle our wines as late as possible to preserve all the fruitiness and freshness we’ve come to expect from our appellations. Last but not least, our many years of experience in the wine trade, both in France and abroad, give us confidence in our ability to take into account feedback and the opinions of our partners in order to bring our quality approach to life. Know-how and motivation are maintained by our team of passionate experts: agronomist, oenologist, cellarman and quality specialist, supported by the elected representatives of our cooperative partners.


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