Technical File

Our group of winegrowers produces approximatively 20 per cent of the production of POUILLY FUME and POUILLY SUR LOIRE.
  • 1 000 Hectares of POUILLY FUME are under production. A single grape variety is used to make this wine : Sauvignon or Blanc fumé. It gives a dry and fruity white wine with a particular taste describeb as "pierre à fusil" (gun flint).

  • Why Fumé ?

    this particular taste is not created by treatment or by chemicals. It is due to the soil it grows on and to the "blanc fumé" grape variety.

    In fact, our soils are varied but the kimmeridgian marls are dominant. They give the body, typical of our appellation. In other regions, the same grape gives a more neutral wine.

  • The most likely origins of the name "fumé" are :

    When gathered, the grape is covered by a grey dusty bloom like smokey ashes from the fire. When the grape picker throws the grape into the basket, a cloud of microscopic spores is released, looking like smoke. It is also true that the grape is covered with tiny black dots, making it look "smokey".

  • Somme people say that when you drink this noble dry wine, you find yourself after a moment in a smokey and pleasant atmosphere...

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This wine is best drunk from 4 to 6 years of age minimum
Please, drink it cool but not chilled (8 to 10 degrees centigrade).
It is a marvellous compagnion to shell fish, hams, patés, white meats and cheese