Welcome at the "Caves de Pouilly sur Loire"

At "Caves de Pouilly sur Loire" we bring together the best qualified wine-growers who seek to ensure the purity of their supply.

Fresh crops of grapes are delivered to our cellars and put into the hands of a technician who will supervise each stage of the wine-making process right up to the bottling.

Our concern belongs entirely to wine-growers who manage our compagny, and owing to this high professional qualification our wine can be offered the world over.

You don't "drink" it, you "enjoy" it
What would normally be a "pleasant meal" becomes a "feast",
The "simple pleasure" of eating good meat becomes a "delight".

Served chilled

in ice bucket

Our wines agree with everybody, are delicious to the palate,
bring the best out of accompaning dishes, and help digestion.
They enleven the atmosphere of your dinner-parties in a friendly and joyful way.

So you guest will have been exquisitely entertained.

President,                                                                    Manager,                
J.-P. BAILLY                                                                Bernard BOUCHIE